Course Code etc
Academic Year 2023
College College of Business
Course Code other registration
Theme・Subtitle マーケティング・リーダーシップ
Class Format Face to face (all classes are face-to-face)
Class Format (Supplementary Items)
Campus Ikebukuro
Semester Fall semester
DayPeriod・Room Thu.3・4407
Credit 2
Course Number BUS2010
Language Japanese
Class Registration Method "Other" Registration
Grade (Year) Required 配当年次は開講学部のR Guideに掲載している科目表で確認してください。
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Online Classes Subject to 60-Credit Upper Limit
Relationship with Degree Policy
Notes コンセントレーション:マーケティング領域
Text Code BT352

【Course Objectives】

In this course, students will develop their basic real-world skills to apply in businesses using marketing by understanding social phenomena through marketing, and learning thinking, analysis, and business sense.
Furthermore, students will become proficient at multi-tasking and will foster their leadership skills in order to use the skills they have learned to assist others.

【Course Contents】

・ Fall semester’s main topic ・ ・ ・ Branding
 Following the spring semester, students will independently continue their work based on the plans they drafted to develop their knowledge of and sense for marketing. Students will foster their independence and competency through the process of learning to work together with others on group work.
 Second-year students will begin planning during summer vacation and formalize their plans through e-mails and communications via the online bulletin board with instructors and mentors. In the Arima seminar, following the summer training camp, second-year students will play a leading role in running the class which will require all the more originality and creativity.
 The project in the fall semester will be one that emphasizes practical marketing skills. The branding activities will be the most hands-on project yet, and will undoubtedly help students to grow as individuals. I will tell you a bit more about the branding project below, as it is a mainstay of the Arima seminar.
 To put it simply, this branding project is about learning to use effective messaging, so that someone who doesn’t know anything about the Arima seminar can understand what it is all about. This corresponds to the effective branding of a company or product such that a prospective customer does not misunderstand the image a company is trying to express.
 The Arima seminar branding project focuses on promotion strategies for acquiring personnel and on training plans for participants.

・ Overview of the branding project
 In the branding project, the challenge will be for second-year students to communicate the attraction of the seminar and its key points in an easy-to-understand manner to first-year students who don’t know anything about it. In order to convey the diverse content effectively to others, the leaders will openly share and exchange their ideas with each other. Accordingly, in this seminar, everyone will take part in the entire process, from developing an organization’s ideal brand identity to formalizing the method of delivering communications and the contents of those communications. Then students will put together a leadership and management plan to train the new members.
 Students will present their leadership and management plans to senior students who will offer feedback similar to the feedback that they received with the spring semester activities. Finally, we will identify points of improvement and finish them off by making sure they are as persuasive as possible. In addition, students will acquire practical leadership skills by implementing their plans after deciding on them.

・ Significance of the branding project
 Although there are courses pertaining to branding, I dare say that there aren’t many other seminars that make lower-year members signing up for the seminar a focal point, whether at Rikkyo or any other Japanese university. However, in the Arima seminar we have purposefully allocated a significant amount of time to it. Why is that, you ask? Well, I will explain.
 We believe that the process of persuading someone to go along with your service and successfully selling them on it (sign up for the seminar in this case) essentially condenses the many elements of marketing that typical companies carry out on a day to day basis.
 Second-year students, will first think about what they imagine to be the ideal seminar. Then, they will formulate in their mind the domain, vision, and mission of that seminar. We will use the concepts that we have learned to convey those ideas to first-year students, who will be our “customers,” in an easy-to-understand way. Through this challenge, each student will become cognizant of their role as a mentor and think about ways they can demonstrate the meaning of leadership and express their own individuality. By learning to use their ingenuity to easily explain the appeal of the seminar to outsiders, students will acquire a sense for marketing, as well as the ability to use concrete marketing skills.
 Through the experience of this process and transitioning from the mentee to the mentor, second-year students will become able to understand the meaning and value of the guidance they received from their mentors during the spring semester.

・Leadership thinking through marketing
 When considering leadership from a marketing perspective, providing value to others is the top priority, rather than prioritizing your own needs. In that sense, if a leader isn’t using his own time wisely, it has the effect of wasting the precious time of others as well. In the Arima seminar we emphasize the mindset and desire to lend your time to help others in the class with things such as preparation and presentations so as to avoid our students becoming the types of leaders who cannot be relied upon.
 It is just my personal opinion, but I feel that students who enter the school knowing only recession tend to have the mindset of “I don’t want to anything that does not benefit me.” In particular, I often run into students who give me the sense, however faint, that they exist solely for their own benefit, investing heavily in themselves while thinking only secondarily of the development of others around them. However, this mindset is altogether different from what is expected in a company. In the Arima seminar, we recognize the importance of “co-existence and co-prosperity,” and emphasize learning to conduct yourself in a manner that companies have come to expect.

・ Goals of the seminar
 As mentioned above, in the Arima seminar we teach students leadership from a marketing perspective and develop students marketing knowledge, all the while giving them a firm grounding in what it takes to be a leader. The purpose of the skills obtained through completing this seminar is not only for you to enter your dream company, but also for you to be able to showcase your abilities in whatever role that society or your company places upon you.
 To be more precise, we expect our students to be the types of employees who are able to think of the intentions behind of activities, and who can not only conceive of an idea and vision but also be able to put a plan into action and carry it out to fruition. Furthermore, we hope to develop the type of employee who others can always rely on to be there and contribute.
 The mentors supporting you in your efforts include not only the currently enrolled senior students, but graduates of the seminar from the College of Business and the College of Economics as well. (This is the 26th year of the Arima seminar)
 They also make themselves available whenever possible to participate and give advice at various seminar sponsored events and social gatherings planned by current students. It is also characteristic of the Arima seminar to provide as many opportunities as possible for students to get advice from not just fellow students similar in age, but many different generations of alumni who may even be closer to your parent’s age.
 Through these opportunities, we hope that Arima seminar students will get the chance to hear in-depth perspectives of working people, as well as learning proper business etiquette and codes of conduct.

 In that way, the Arima seminar is designed to function as one complete system. By participating throughout the program and accomplishing each task as they come, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of marketing, and become a valuable employee able to showcase their skills as a leader.
 Those who wish to participate after understanding our program objectives are asked to please fill out the entry sheet.

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